The ACCESS website is designed & maintained by a volunteer, Karen Armstrong-Cummings, a member of South Frankfort Presbyterian Church's Outreach Committee, as part of the Church's work to support the community.  Information is reviewed by the ACCESS staff and board of directors.  Please contact ACCESS, 502-330-5179, for corrections & updates.

ACCESS Soup Kitchen and Men's Shelter

ACCESS = Actively Caring Christians Enlisting Support Services

Established by the Coalition of Committed Christians, Inc.  Serving Central Kentucky since 1984

311 West Second Street, Frankfort KY USA

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Call Us: 1-502-223-5179

*This listing includes many, MANY others. If your group has participated and are not listed, please let us know.  If you haven't yet made a 2017 donation,please click on this link and do it today! Our heart felt thanks to each and every person!

Coalition for Committed Christian's Funding

for ACCESS Soup Kitchen and Men's Shelter

CCC's leaders have worked tirelessly, throughout the years, to secure both direct funding and indirect funding. Direct funding includes: financial contributions from businesses, churches and others and; grants from local government. Indirect funding includes donations, not only of food and furniture, but also hours and hours of volunteer service. Our faithful volunteers provide thousands upon thousands of donations large and small -- from truckloads of furniture to a batch of fresh green beans dropped off by a local gardener.

Direct funding sources for ACCESS have included:

The small donations constitute the majority of operating funds for ACCESS Soup Kitchen and Men's Shelter.

We are thankful for each and every donation, direct or indirect, large or small, large checks or green beans!

*Direct Funding: Groups which have donated cash or in-kind resources, such food, supplies, storage space, include these, among many others:

  1.   Department of Agriculture Kentucky Proud;
  2.   Kentucky Housing Corporation;
  3.   Office of the First Lady;
  4.   Office of the Governor, Governor’s Garden;
  5.   Office of the Governor, Holiday Food Drive
  6.    Kentucky Transportation Cabinet;
  7.    Department for Libraries and Archives;
  8.    State Central Lab;
  9.    Cabinet for Health and Family Services; 
  10.    State Office Building
  11.    National Guard