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Spring Tulip Annual Fundraiser

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Spring Tulip Fundraiser

Kentucky's internationally known springtime event, the Kentucky Derby, celebrates the beauty, culture and history of the Commonwealth.  Especially in the Capitol city, Kentuckians like to dress up the landscape and create flower beds, floral arrangements, and greenery for this important season.

In the weeks before each Kentucky Derby, Kentucky's state capitol landscape employees create lush beds gorgeous tulips in front of the Capitol building (click on the highlight words to see a map of these magnificent grounds.) Sometimes visitors can enjoy a sea of red tulips and other years they are a mixture of pink, white, yellow and lavender.  But no matter the design colors, every year the Capitol's landscape, with its lovely tulip beds, draws visitors from throughout the state and region.

After displaying their early spring beauty, the tulips are removed and replaced with other seasonal flowers. The tulip bulbs, once removed from the Capitol grounds, are donated to non-profit organizations.  The ACCESS Soup Kitchen and Men’s Shelter has been the lucky recipient of the bulbs for several years.

 ACCESS Board member Robyn Kemper coordinates a group of volunteers, who  divide the bulbs into bags of 20-25 and prepare them for distribution.  ACCESS offer the bulbs to folks in the community in exchange for a monetary donation made to the Soup Kitchen.  During the 2017 spring season, ACCESS distributed bulbs to hundreds of folks and raised much needed funds!

Many, many thanks to those who helped prepare the bulbs for distribution! And much appreciation to all who  made donations to ACCESS in return for the tulip bulbs!