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Annual Fundraising Event - Thanksgiving Walk of Awareness

Thank you to all who participated in the

2016 Thanksgiving Walk of Awareness!

The morning was a bit chilly and misty but the crowd was warm and enthusiastic! Over four hundred -- FOUR HUNDRED -- people turned out for the walk. We thank each and everyone of you who took the time to spend Thanksgiving morning with us this year. In addition, many, many folks made an additional donation, over the $10 amount for tee shirts. Over 40 people donated online during pre-registration and others brought checks and cash donations on Thanksgiving morning.  We simply cannot tell you how much your participation and donations meant to all of us!

Our Thanksgiving Day walkers were mostly from Kentucky, and most from Frankfort. But quite a few came from outside the Capital City - from Lawrenceburg, Waddy, Lexington, Georgetown, Shelbyville, Owenton, Morganfield.

And several participants were visitors from other states, including Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, Indiana and Tennessee. And one walker was from the city of Tunis in the country of Tunisia! What a wonderful mix of young and "not-so-young," men and women of every size, color, and religious belief, supporting our community!

Unfortunately, we didn't have enough tee shirts available for everyone that signed in on Thanksgiving morning, but we have re-ordered the shirts. They have arrived and we already conducted one tee-shirt distribution event on December 7, 2016. If you didn't receive your shirt that day (or on Thanksgiving), please check back on our website and Facebook page -- we will let you know when we plan to distribute the remaining shirts.

This year, ACCESS Soup Kitchen & Men's Shelter was honored to be asked to participate in the 2016 Frankfort Striders Run/Walk SeriesThe Frankfort Striders, an organization to encourage all residents toward a more healthy lifestyle, coordinated a series of run/walk events throughout 2016. We are pleased to report that over FIFTY people who participated in our 2016 walk, were also participating in the Frankfort Striders Run/Walk Series.  Thank you to the Frankfort Striders for this wonderful partnership!