ACCESS Soup Kitchen and Men's Shelter
ACCESS = Actively Caring Christians Enlisting Support Services

Established by the Coalition of Committed Christians, Inc.

Serving Central Kentucky since 1984

ACCESS Soup Kitchen and Men’s Shelter
311 West Second Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

The Coalition of Committed Christians (CCC), a public nonprofit directed by a volunteer board of diverse community members, operating an organization known as ACCESS (Actively Caring Christians Enlisting Support Services) in downtown Frankfort, Kentucky

The purpose of ACCESS is:

To educate all citizens of Franklin County about homelessness to help develop attitudes that will lead to positive community responses and solutions.

To personally provide at least one nutritious meal seven days weekly through a food service program for the immediate needs of low income and disadvantaged individuals and families.

To provide a temporary emergency shelter seven nights weekly which includes two nutritious meals.

Originally, the CCC operated a food service from Frankfort’s Church of the Ascension, in downtown Frankfort. Eventually, CCC’s leaders secured a permanent location for meals and eventually a temporary shelter.

ACCESS is staffed by a full-time executive director, 5 part-time staff, and numerous volunteers from across the county and region. In particular, the food service program is supported through volunteer workers who help with food pickup and delivery, food preparation, serving,  kitchen and dining area clean-up and other activities as needed.

ACCESS operates a shelter program for men, at least 18 years of age, who are without housing. This temporary emergency shelter is made available on a night-to-night basis up to 30 nights. ACCESS is also available, no matter how long the person has stayed in the shelter, on freezing nights when the temperature is predicted to drop below 32 degrees before morning. Please help us by donating your food, your time, or financial resources.