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Food Service Program

Q: How can I become involved?

A:   You can either visit 311 West Second Street in Frankfort, KY or telephone the staff at (502)223-5179. Let them know you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

Q: What would I do if I volunteered?

A:  Help with the daily food preparation, serving, storage and cleanup. Volunteers are also needed to assist in the food pickup and delivery.

Q: How many volunteers are required per team?

A: At least three men and/or women with the exact number determined by the volunteer team and Food Service Director.

Q: Can I prepare my own food?

A: No. Health Department regulations require all preparation and cooking to be performed on- site or in a Health Department approved kitchen.

Shelter Program

Q: How Can I become involved?

A: At present, we have permanent staff for the shelter. On occasion, an additional volunteer could be used to spend the night with the guests.

Q: Who can stay at the Shelter?

A: Men at least 18 years of age, without shelter, are provided temporary emergency shelter on a night to night basis up to 30 nights, and any night when the temperature will drop below 32 degrees before morning.

Q: Are there any on-going needs for the shelter?

A: Donations of items are needed year-round. We try to update our needs on our website and Facebook.

We also are conducting the 2017 Fundraising Campaign to pay for the much needed renovations for the kitchen and for the shelter.  Please make a donation to support this renovation!

Frequently Asked Questions

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